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Boho Style Apartment: Mostra Casa Cor 2019 by Cacau Ribeiro Interiors

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The Mostra Casa Cor – 2019 project from the studio Cacau Ribeiro Interiors is a perfect example that the untouchability and simplicity of nature can also be brought into interior design. The designers combined ethno patterns with the boho style, which is known for many plants. From this connection you can feel a pleasant neatness and cosiness. Even the most lively boho interior must have its unity and originality. In Mostra Casa Cor, therefore, wooden furniture with a white wall predominates, but in reality it is full of different color shades and endless decorations, which stand out perfectly in the mentioned solid tone of the interior environment. The designers wanted the family to get a comfortable, meaningful and warm home, where the sun’s rays would pass through the joints of French accordion windows, which they really succeeded in!

Design: Cacau Ribeiro Interiors
Photography: Felipe Araújo

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