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Cozy house with black and white interior

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Beautiful spacious house in a black and white dress that looks great from the outside as well as from the inside. Visualization by the skilful designer Mariya Chmut together with the Kiev studio Home Design HD-m2, which has 12 years of experience, which is really visible. Right at the entrance, you enter the spacious living room, which is connected to a dark kitchen, which looks incredibly good, even though the designers decided not to give the house much color and leave it in the basic colors as black and white. Of course, there are wooden elements or delicate colored decorations. The overall impression of the visualization of the house is really pleasant and homely thanks to the large windows, which give the interior natural light. A cozy house with a large space for playing is designed for a family with children who would find nice elements on the walls in the children’s room. By properly connecting furniture and materials, they achieved a harmonious interior. Great job, check out the photos!

Design: Mariya Chmut, Home Design HD-m2

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