House that Merged with Nature of Bieszczady Mountains by Medusa Group

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„The design, with its owner’s hunting fascination in mind, is supposed to emphasize the beauty of the location, without interfering with its atmosphere.“

House in Bieszczady from the Polish studio Medusa Group is an atypical building with an area of 352 m2, set in a wooded area that requires no fence. „No fence separating the house from the road is planned“ writes architects. A spacious house was built on the Polish-Ukrainian border in the Bieszczady, where the population is low, which has become an attraction for hunters and nature lovers. The front part of the house completely reveals itself with the forest panorama, while the back part enters the surface of the mountain range. The layer of green lawn is not only located on the ground, but continues along a flat roof with a sloping end. From a distance like a luxury bunker and up close as a cozy hiding place to relax in the mountains. The goal of the architects was to build a house which, with its distinctive appearance, does not unnecessarily interfere with the mountain atmosphere but only merged pleasantly with the forest.

Under the layer of the second floor there is an outdoor garage continuing to the ground floor where there are recreational and relaxation rooms such as wellness and gym. The second floor hides five master bedrooms, a large living room with a black kitchen and a bathrooms with views. All bedrooms are even and each has an entrance to a long terrace through a panoramic window door. The designers also merged the interior with the exterior atmosphere into natural warm shades of wooden or leather materials with a bit of industrial flair.

Architects: Przemo Łukasik, Łukasz Zagała. Associate Architects: Jarosław Przybyłka, Anna Gołyga, Michał Sokołowski, Michał Laskowski. Photographs: Juliusz Sokołowski.

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