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Stilt Studios and their Prefabricated Treetop Houses Overlooking Sunny Canggu in Bali

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„With its alternative surf-shack indie vibe, Canggu is Bali’s bohemian hideaway.“

If you think back to childhood, how many of you dreamed of a cozy house in the treetops? There will probably be more of us! Stilt Studios brought this childish spontaneity to reality. They operate prefabricated houses that naturally harmonize with the surrounding nature while adhering to the strictest production standards. „At Stilt Studios we believe we have the responsibility for both creating unique designs and reducing the environmental impact of our buildings,“ says Alexis Dornier, co-founder and Chief Designer at Stilt Studios.
There are six levels of different “dens” in Canggu Garden, where guests will find an outdoor pool and sun terrace. The interior consists of all necessary rooms, while the center of the house is a spiral staircase that leads guests to different levels: air-conditioned bedroom, bathroom, dining area or living area. „Each of the five studios were named after local trees found on the tropical island of Bali.“
Perfect bohemian accommodation brings with it an experience and especially a good portion of relaxation. We like that the interior does not look so “ostentatious”, but at the same time the houses try to stay in a more luxurious touch with the right dose of wilderness and sunny views. „In the product development process the team seeks to combine the highest standard of architectural design with the building innovation and a minimised footprint prefab can offer.“ Book here!

Architecture: Stilt Studios (Website, Instagram, Kickstarter)

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