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Pink-gray apartment NOT just for women

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This apartment is the work of designers Stephen Tsymbaliuk, Mariya Chmut with the studio ArtPartner Architects, who created a 4-room apartment with an area of about 85 square meters in an unusual color combination. And why in an unusual combination? Because I don’t see much pink in interiors, but in this case it looks really great! The softness of this color combined with the gray base can be a good combination for both sexes, not just for women! Pink is a romantic and girly color, but why not? The designers fine-tuned it so that it didn’t look too sweet. We like the kitchen, also chosen in pink with a dark undertone and a wooden industrial dining table. Elegant apartment and its cherry on the cake in the form of a cozy reading corner in front of a panoramic window. Photos below!

Design: Stephen Tsymbaliuk, Mariya Chmut, ArtPartner Architects

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