Minimalist Residence in Portugal with Views of Rural Landscape

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House in Santarém, a project of a sandy residence on a flat plot in sunny Portugal, expresses the pure simplicity of this architectural gem. As the architects from the studio Diamantino Pinho Architect wrote, „The search for simplicity is a complex process.“

The front side of the rectilinear building opens out into the street through geometric walls, while the rear part of the plot is optically closed by large trees. „Contrary to the thankless strategy of the other lots, the pre-existing trees are defended, with their valuable shade under the intense heat of the Ribatejo.“ Gently minimalist architecture has a really small glass entrance door but after looking inside opens up a gorgeous mansion where simplicity has become a major component of the design. The interior tries to be undemanding, light, so that the house itself with a beautiful plot stands out rather than too many stuff, often disturbing the atmosphere. „Comfort and simplicity of living are desired, without hurting the will of the design.“

Certainly the biggest win is the back garden whose openness doesn’t seem to end. A perfect lawn with a swimming pool, a hammock, sitting under a huge tree or a pleasant interior zone overlooking the greenery, this residence is truly a quiet place for family life.

Area: 287 m². Architects: Diamantino Pinho Architect. Photography: Ivo Tavares Studio.

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