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Relaxing Lighting Simulating Sun’s Rays in Your Home

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Lumie and the team at WMP Creative have designed harmonious lighting for people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which many of us know. Long autumn or winter days are often dark and without sun, which makes some people more prone to loss of energy or lack of motivation. Looking at this meaningful product, we put a smile on our face. Small, simple, well-designed and, above all, it has a legitimate purpose. „It had to be extremely thin and space efficient so as to not take up too much desk space.“
You can move the light anywhere, place it vertically or horizontally thanks to the compact design. The designers chose clean lines, LED light and aluminum material of the product. „This not only provides integral strength but also dissipates heat, whilst at the same time sections off the venting holes to prevent water ingress.“ There is a choice of white or gray combination. We think Lumie brings the lost winter sun to homes. „The lighting effect is achieved through a series of edge lit LED’s combined with a soft diffuser to provide a powerful warm and even light output of 10,000 lux at 20cm.“ Buy here.

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