Casa Vanella: Guesthouse in the Heart of Corsica

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Casa Vanella, or an unusual guest house with an remarkable design in the heart of Corsica, reminds us of a charming cave with a stone structure and asymmetrical lines. The architects at ORMA Architettura focused on the addition of common areas above the “Casone” building, which serves to welcome and accommodate guests. At Casa Vanella you will find a cozy space in a simple style and a friendly atmosphere, from where you can watch a magical sunset from three different angles, three different peaks of Corsica: Monte Cinto, Paglia Orba and Cima ai Mori. Large windows draw natural scenery and sunlight into the interior, which emphasizes the purity and importance of the local materials used. The stone building in the middle of the vegetation is a perfect and nice shelter, where people stop for a while and enjoy the presence. Photos below!

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