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Modern Monochrome Office by i29

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„a soft office for hard working people“

The global advertising agency Tribal DDB in Amsterdam can be proud of its truly pleasant office environment designed with a touch of modernity, minimalism and a professional atmosphere. The architectural studio i29 precisely designed a flexible and open working environment for 80 new people in the mentioned agency. Because it is a department of creative design where more people have to work together, the form of the office is designed in the style of shared work desks and the overall space, but still with sufficient possibilities for privacy or work in smaller groups. Some structural parts of the building could not be changed, and according to the designers, they had to incorporate them into the overall design of the offices and identify it with their idea, and it turned out really perfectly! The gray layer on the ceiling, lamps, tables and even on the stairs is an acoustic substance that sufficiently absorbs noise and thus becomes the perfect material for a somewhat noisy space of new ideas and hard work of creative people. We like the incredibly cozy monochrome with a meaningful interior design strategy while feeling the ubiquitous inspiration or a kind of cohesiveness from the spaces.

Design: i29

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