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Shkrub House: Built for Architects

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We have always been interested in what kind of house a well-known architect lives in with a number of projects, is it a huge luxury or something more intimate? We present you the story of “Skhrub House”, the house of architect Sergey Makhno and his wife, interior designer Vlada Makhno.

Shkrub House is a fictional word that means love, respect, understanding and family for spouses.

The unusual house hides Ukrainian and Japanese style united in a large indoor space with an idyllic outdoor environment and a Japanese garden where everything living has grown naturally. The house is located in the village of Kozyn in Ukraine and with its ethnic touch, structure and traditional thatched roof fits into its surroundings. The wabi-sabi philosophy hidden in this house is slowly and easily put to the surface during a detailed look at the interior. This house in which you will find more tea cups than wine glasses has its own unique flair with a sense for every detail. The spacious living room with an even more spacious window is subtly combined with an open kitchen and dining table with its decorations and story, which are sure to attract the attention of visitors. Sergey, a lover and collector of pottery, demolished a part of the first floor for a more open living room, connected to the upper part of the house and along which his best catches are stretched longitudinally, almost like in an ancient museum! Wabi-sabi philosophy says exactly about having only pieces that have a special story for you, there is, for example, a clay product from Trypillia, which was a culture from about two thousand years before Christ! The upper and relaxation area is a combination of nice children’s rooms for the youngest children, each in their own children’s atmosphere, then one hugely stylish room for an older son, two bedrooms for parents with a private bathroom and a view of the living room, and finally one room for grandparents who often visit your grandchildren. Of course, there is an intelligent system where light, sound, ventilation and temperature are controlled using a tablet. We think that the imagination of great designers and architects was maximally materialized here, who together created not only a stylish house, about which many magazines write, but also a home for a family with many memories and beautiful moments. Let yourself be carried away by another perfect project by Sergey Makhno Architects.

Look into the wasteland and see the house
Listen to the voice inside of yourself
Build walls from rain and clay

Architecture: Sergey Makhno Architects
Photography: Sergiy Kadulin

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