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SEVY: Aesthetic Earbuds and Egg-like Case

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We present to you the perfect concept and personal project of an industrial designer who convinced us that technical things can have a close connection with nature in design. SEVY, wireless in-ear headphones from Sathiswaran Pon is a product that pushes the boundaries of classically boring headphones to extraordinary and originality. The first prototype of the SEVA was materialized in a 3D printer and then tested on real users for better fine-tuning of the last details. The minimalist design of the headphones looks really comfortable and even more magical is their case, which opens like when you break chicken eggs to prepare food. The designer chose such an appearance for only one reason, and that is to bring the technical product as close as possible to nature and its naturalness. At the top of the case is a charging indicator, a battery status indicator, and a miniature setting button. The headphones themselves are controlled by tapping on the top or using the sevy-buds application. We admire the imagination of a designer who went his own way and created a product that will put a smile on your face!

Case material: recyclable paper
Design: Sathiswaran Pon

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