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VyTA Farnese: Traditional Italian Bar in Modern Touch of Emerald Green

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„VyTA Farnese is an unexpected place, which, with its refined materials and decorations stimulates the interaction between people.“

An endless amount of pompous style and positive energy radiates from the stunning Italian bar VyTA Farnese in Rome, overlooking the beautiful Piazza Farnese. The typical Italian spirited district has acquired a passionate underground bar with a glass café and restaurant where the classic Italian style emerges in the foreground, but in the background you can feel a bit of contemporary design. We must admit that the combination of a magical emerald green color with a soft old pink seems more than royal! Designer Daniela Colli from Colli Daniela Architetto was certainly not afraid of mixing materials and different shapes or decorations. The marble floor with huge cubes stretches across the whole interior, while the ordinary walls are finished by a somewhat rustic ceiling in an emerald palette. Soft furniture in warm colors added a pinch of home comfort to the space, but the most stylish are old-fashioned metal arches and shiny arched display cases with the best wine or champagne. We think that not only the perfect space for various design eyes has been created here, but also a place where guests get an experience only from being inside this charming bar.

Design: Colli Daniela Architetto
Photography: Matteo Piazza

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