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Kiev Restaurant Inspired by Chinese Streets

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If you want to move from Kiev (Ukraine) to China or Thailand for a while, just go to the top two-storey restaurant “China Ma” (China Mania) opposite the Central train station. The combination of eight Chinese cuisines and great tea in 195 m2 space will reveal the nooks and crannies of the Chinatown, which are typical of their chaos (at least for us) and especially the pile of telecommunication cables above your head. Yod Design Lab beautifully and sophisticatedly materialized the presence of these less attractive urban objects. At the entrance, you will be greeted by a nice Asian girl in an LED screen with a crazy hairstyle of tangled cables, which continue across almost the entire ceiling in tangled balls. The gentle restaurant with intimate nooks and at the same time open space offers a pleasant experience not only of perfect food and architecture, but also an imaginary transfer to the landscape of cultural traditions, smog, sharp tastes and, after all, beautiful nature.

Design: Yod Design Lab
Photography: Andriy Bezuglov

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