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Dark style apartment by

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Absolutely charming interior, which at first glance looks a bit usual but if you look closer you will find that it is the perfect lair for young people, who love modern design. Skillful designers and architects Bogdan Bulgakov and Yevhen Zahorodnii from the studio created this stylish 64-square-meter interior, that is currently under construction at the completion stage in Warsaw. To dark gray interiors is good to give as much daylight as possible and in this case the architects did it with panoramic windows ranging from the ceiling to the ground, which completely enliven the place. Fine colors, tuned to the last detail with the windows mentioned, visually expand this little space. We like not exaggerated, a little hidden kitchen, that left more space for a smaller apartment. I can say it’s one of the most beautiful designs I’ve ever seen, but see for yourself!

Design: Bogdan Bulgakov, Yevhen Zahorodnii (

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