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Casa Pátios de Pétalas: Rounded construction inspired by nature

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The project Patios de Petals by the talented architect Sandra Micaela Casinha Atelier is proof that nature and architecture can go hand in hand. The 230 square meter house with an atypical design draws us into the world of elegance and uniqueness. This house literally breathes and lives. It is located in the east of Porto with a plot that thrives with ocean views. From the outside, the building looks like an organic part of the hill. It is supposed to reflect the flower in its purest form, which is created by combining natural elements with an innovative architectural solution. White concrete with rounded curves acting like a flower is used for the upper part of the volume. The lower part on which the “concrete flower” is placed is made of glass and wooden slats that shade the interior from the sun’s rays. „To reinforce their presence, we limit the use to three materials: White, which draws the petals, aluminum and glass. Thus, the petals gain more expression, more body”.

It is said that rounded shapes prevail in nature, in this case architecture is a mixture or duality of volumes and geometry with a simple color palette. Behind the mentioned glass, i.e. in the lower part, the architects placed social rooms, which they sophisticatedly divided into three parts with rounded walls. The center of the space is the stairs connecting the floors. The upper part is relaxing, there are three bedrooms, each of them has its own patio that allows family members to connect with the outside nature. The color palette is very soft with a natural touch and an occasional lively tone, an example is the bathroom, where the tiling is in deep pink. „Furniture that enhances the tranquility of the place, casual comfort, natural materials, simplicity.“

This project is proof that architecture can be not only functional, but also artistic and inspiring. Modern architecture here created a perfect symbiosis with the surrounding nature for a young family with a daughter. „Urban landscape inspired by the natural… artificial interior experience inspired by the natural and this is how emotion is created and expected to be filled with laughter, dreams, joys and flowers, many flowers“, write the architects of the project.

Area: 230 m²
Architecture: Sandra Micaela Casinha Atelier
Photography: Ivo Tavares Studio

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