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Brightly Colored Apartment Overlooking Brazilian Streets by TN Arquitetura

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The apartment in Brazil almost in the clouds is a great family retreat where it lives by colors, from the studio TN Arquitetura. In the living room, the designers created a wonderful symbiosis of deep blue, burgundy and green that stand out on the gray base of the entire interior using gold metallic accents. The classic blue did not even bypass the distinctive kitchen, which stands out on the pale marble and thus creates an even stronger contrast. The dining room is decorated with a painting by José Gonçalves, which brought a bit of gallery mood here, but the views of the owners will also focus on the Brazilian streets as much of the apartment is glazed. The master bedroom creates an inconspicuously pleasant atmosphere of light green color, while the room for the daughter is typically girly with a distinctive pink. Below in the gallery you will see how you can play perfectly with colors and create a cozy and attractive home.

Design: TN Arquitetura

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