FRAME Store: Modern Interior with Museum Atmosphere by i29

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See how the architectural studio i29 has combined fashion, art and design into one inspiring store in historic Amsterdam. Project Mirror Mirror invites us to experience three-dimensionality in one interior where the old atmosphere blends with the modern world. For the leading design FRAME magazine, the architects designed an incredible space in the building with the original appearance of old wooden beams, concrete columns and historic sculptures in an urban style. The mirrors, which are the main element, beautifully and impressively reflect the historical part of the interior space and also mirror trendy products in the store. Enter the largest mirrors where the cabins are hidden and try on the clothes on display, or find the artwork in the miniature gallery spaces of the mirrors. I don’t think we’ve seen a more stylish store yet! i29 perfectly combined the seriousness of historic architecture with the modern world in one brutal space! The location: the Felix Meritis building on one of the canals in the historic center of Amsterdam. Floor area: 190 m2. Photography: Ewout Huibers.

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