iBranco is the Most Stylish and Minimalist Lunch Box

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If you don’t pay attention to your lunch box then you should start. Most of them look less attractive, in the same design and only with a different color pattern, which the author of the product below tried to change. Industrial designer Jerry C, based in Shenzhen, China, took it in a slightly more fun direction, and iBranco is so far the most stylish and minimalist lunch box we’ve ever seen. Jerry C perfectly combined the functionality of the box with the current modern design in the style of an extremely original can that is hard to find in stores. „The product is designed with a pull-tab lid for the can, which hides the air hole under the pull-ring and is easy to open and seal; the lid adopts a double-layer structure design to improve the sealing performance after sealing.“ For minimalists, the box will definitely come in handy, because it is completely covered in pure white, soft pink or inconspicuous beige with the original engraved lettering on the top. „Can be used for microwave, refrigeration, food storage, object storage, dishwasher, etc.“
Size: 173*99*51mm; Capacity: 500ml; Material: can lid (food grade silicone), can body (food grade PP)​​​​​​​.


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