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Office with amazing atmosphere

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A Russian designer Slava Semenyta created a photo project for COLLIDER in Moscow. A place for work and new things. Everybody would like to work in an office like this. Pink blue neon colors that look futuristic. A unique place where you certainly won’t experience a boring work routine. Talented Slava has great visualization ideas. You will surely hear about him.

Design: Slava Semenyta

Instagram Doodles by Shane Griffin

Shane Griffin, an Irish artist, presented his personal project Instagram Doodles where he worked with his moods, feelings and thoughts, which he then transformed into

Headquarters by Denis Chigidin

Amazing meeting room with plants

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At Night 6 by Andreas Levers

Stunning nightlife street

German photographer Andreas Levers shot an amazing series of nightlife. Stunning blue neon lights that pull us into a mysterious world. The photos look so

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