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Office with amazing atmosphere

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A Russian designer Slava Semenyta created a photo project for COLLIDER in Moscow. A place for work and new things. Everybody would like to work in an office like this. Pink blue neon colors that look futuristic. A unique place where you certainly won’t experience a boring work routine. Talented Slava has great visualization ideas. You will surely hear about him.

Design: Slava Semenyta

Industrial loft by Alexander Bokhan

The loft apartment, designed by the skillful designer and architect Alexander Bokhan, has a very specific style that will immediately enchant you. Lofts are among

Branche by Seungkyun Kim, Jaegon Yoo, MOMENTUM Studio

Beautiful design of the air humidifier

We introduce you MOMENTUM Studio based in Korea, Seoul. Designer and photographer Kim Seungkyun, together with product designer Yoo Jaegon, created an amazing humidifier. It

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