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Luxury bathtubs shaped like hammocks

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Relaxing in the bathtub, where you feel like in a hammock, is in charge of a duo of designers at SplinterWorks, who create truly functional works of art. Having such a bath at home, combined with a wonderful view of the city or nature and with a glass of wine is definitely a win! The designers focused on minimalism and especially the functionality and comfort of the product. The bathtub is filled using a floor tap right next to it, and the drain is then located in the middle of the bathtub, where all the water falls into a separate drain in the floor. The attachment is done by hanging on the walls, so they look like they are levitating. Such bathtubs are made of carbon fiber which are really strong and durable. Beautiful vessels with a luxurious style in which you will experience absolute relaxation in a hot bath after a busy day. They are available in various colors as well as designs. The thought of being in this hot tub gives us a smile on our face. Photos below!

Design: SplinterWorks

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