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Etosoto: Ecological Pension in Boho Style with a Trace of Modernity, Surrounded by Fig Trees

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Etosoto is a meaningful guest house surrounded by stone walls in Formentera on the Balearic Island, which radiates peace with the feeling that you are at the end of the most beautiful part of the Earth. „Etosoto has the ambition to develop eco-friendly places for the new, free and creative generations, those of the shared economy and the open source who aim for a meaningful and anti-consumerist world.“
However, Etosoto carries two huge ideas which are hidden in the very name of the pension. Eto means “Earth To Orbit” or the idea that guests spend time away from everything and can peacefully discover the Earth and its nature. The other half – Soto means “outside” because guests are outside their home or their comfort, to open up to people anywhere. „The surroundings allow guests to wake up every morning to the sound of the waves and to sleep every night under innumerable stars.“
The interiors of the 12 bedrooms and common areas carry a wonderful boho style where minimalism comes to the fore. „All the rooms and suites are unique. Some offer an extraordinary view, while others allow guests to fall asleep to the melody of the waves or in the shade of a centenary tree.“ This combination is quite unusual, but in the end it looks fantastic, clean colors and lines, natural decorations with inconspicuous modernity or open rooms into which the sun’s rays with salt air are poured all day. The outdoor space looks like a forgotten world full of warm sun, fresh fruit and incredible panoramic views of the endless sea. „A few steps away from the residence, between lunar rocks, the creeks invite you to dive into crystalline blue water that lets you see the creeks.“

Surface: 500 m2
Design: Studio Combo (Julien Labrousse & Elsa Kikoine)

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