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Sleeping under the aurora borealis in a design house

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Panorama Glass Lodge is an incredibly nice project of natural accommodation in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by Iceland, night stars and aurora borealis. The prefabricated cabin measuring 23 square meters with a glass bedroom is a creation of a young family from Reykjavik, which was originally intended to serve as a romantic accommodation for newlyweds. The interior of the cottage contains everything you need for peaceful living. Large bed under the sky with fragrant duvets, from where you can reach a small kitchen with a mini dining table, and a unified Scandinavian-style bathroom at the back. Due to the great interest in accommodation in this beautiful minimalist cottage, the owners decided to build two more such cabins in various places in South Iceland. Imagine watching a magical night sky full of stars, aurora borealis or sunrise from your bed. You can enjoy these magical moments even without a sleeping bag and thick socks in the comfort of a warm bed and tasty tea. Photos below!

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