Amsterdam House Protruding from Local Architecture by Arjen Reas

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The house in Akerdijk in Lijnden, built by architects from Arjen Reas, stands out with its dark design, which is not typical of Amsterdam streets full of brick architecture. It is set next to the dyke, which the owners will have a view through two large asymmetrically placed windows. „By embracing the current adjacent buildings and conditions of this location, a form has emerged that radiates simplicity.“
The facade of the house is made of black wood and finished with a black sloping metal roof. The ground floor is divided by a slight staircase, while in the lower part there is a kitchen with a living area and a fireplace, facing the outdoor garden. In the upper part there is a smaller study room and a living room with a TV. In the interior you can see the Scandinavian style with modernism and a number of paintings, prints and small details that give the interior the right integrity and a homely atmosphere. The second floor has relaxation areas, a master bedroom, two children’s rooms and two bathrooms with views of the Amsterdam skyline.
Area: 130 m². Location: Lijnden, Amsterdam. Photography: Luc Buthker.

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