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Dark Gray House in Canadian Forest is spread on Snowy Slope

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„It feels like a cabin in the tree.“

Natalie Dionne Architecture has built an isolated house from the city bustle, which with its appearance fits into the wooded surroundings. Le Refuge des Hauteurs is a project set in the forest vegetation of Mont-Tremblant in the Laurentians, a dream of a young couple around thirty. At first glance, the architecture is a bit mysterious but only retains its privacy. Geometrically, they are two stacked black rectangular volumes, with the upper part being extended at a height of about 9 meters and the lower part being monotonously placed on the plot. „Perched in the forest, the black volume, twenty-one meters long, projects into the void over a length of nine meters and is anchored to the rock in the sloping terrain over a length of twelve meters.“
In the concrete or lower part there is a large garage, room and workshop. The upper volume is covered with wood not only from the outside. The interior of the upper part, where there is a large kitchen with a dining room or a huge fireplace, is a mixture of dark gray colors and pale wood.

Architecture: Natalie Dionne Architecture
Photography: Raphaël Thibodeau

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