Modern nest overlooking 3 US states

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The architects from the studio Obicua wanted to bring a little Italy to America with the help of an admirable double villa near the ski resort. The house at an altitude of almost 3,000 meters resembles the majestic nest of a large predator, which overlooks three American states. The building has a LEED protocol, which means that it is sustainable and has minimal impact on the local ecosystem. This magnificent mountain gem is covered from the outside with polished metal and the terraces are protected from the icy wind and strong UV radiation, while each terrace is turned to the other side. But let’s go to the interior of two connected cottages, one is for owners and the other for guests, where there is a huge connected hall and an outdoor pool with panoramic views. The lower floor is partly underground and is equipped with a gym, sauna and jacuzzi. On the ground floor there is a living room with a kitchen and the first floor consists of a bedroom and other relevant equipment. This modern challet respecting the nature in which it is situated, the architects really fulfilled and brought a modern but at the same time cozy and airy house to a beautiful place. See below for photos by Luigi Filetici.

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