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Crowhill Cabin: Minimalist Building by NatureHumaine

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Cabin for minimalists! The project La Binocle from the architectural studio NatureHumaine uses all the elements of timelessness, modernity, minimalism and, most importantly, knows how to excel in simple nature.
The single-story geometrically shaped cabin is composed of two uneven blocks and is built on a Canadian hill in an endless forest. Two different formations, yet almost identical, are built on a concrete base with a slight slope to the lower cliff. From the outside, the Crowhill cabin appears as a sharp building, but under the cover there is an undisturbed interior in a unified color palette. The larger part of the house consists of a living area, kitchen, bathroom and outdoor terrace, then the middle pass will bring the owners or tenants to a smaller part where there are two bedrooms. Materials such as black wood with glass openings discreetly covering the full interior space, which offers an amazing lair for people looking for the perfect architectural design with an undisturbed surroundings!

Architecture: NatureHumaine
Photography: Adrien Williams


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