Short calming film reveals the macroscopic world of the universe

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Come with us on a journey to the deep macroscopic world of colors and their chemical reactions identical to the universe through a wonderful short film by Roman Hill based in Paris. What does the universe look like in its natural form? Curiosity and Roman’s hard work brought us a video full of beautiful colors, hypnotic shots and intermingling, as well as discovering and watching matter from this mysterious place unexplored by humans. The film was shot in about 9 minutes, which cannot be said about post-production, which lasted about 9 months. However, it also has one deeper idea in which we must think about what impact we have on our planet and our universe from an ecological point of view, and whether, as humanity, we are doing the right thing so that we do not consciously harm our homes, as we are part of it. Roman was inspired to observe the universe through a telescope, but also by great directors, whose films about the universe are at a completely different level of our thought limits. If you want to be deepened into an idea or just see a different view of this world and its indescribable beauty, watch the video! For a moment you find yourself in a galaxy where time plays no role and our Earth appears as an ordinary rocky planet. Enjoy a space flight accompanied by captivating piano music by Thomas Vanz! More information here! Roman Hill on Instagram.

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