Gretel & Hansel: A magical horror adaptation of the famous fairy tale

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Director Oz Perkins and his ominous adaptation of the famous fairy tale Hansel and Gretel have taken on a whole new dimension, and if you expect a pleasant children’s fairy tale, then you are wrong. Gretel & Hansel is a kind of fantasy-horror drama where a brave older sister (Sophia Lillis) with a cute little brother (Sammy Leakey) desperately seeks help and livelihood, after their mother slipped into madness. Instead of a warm home, they find hunger, a scary forest with mysterious black figures, and not a very likeable old woman (Alice Krige). Hungry and desperate children will believe an old woman and a cottage suspiciously filled with food, ignoring the surrounding evil and dazed by hunger, plunging into her horrific hands. The movie is rather visual with an artistic soul, filmed in an amber color that looks cozy but at the same time has a frightening atmosphere. You will quickly find yourself at the end of the 87-minute movie, more than a third of whom have dreamy passages. Don’t expect any cheap scaring as in more horror movies, this movie is more stylish than scary, but the mysterious atmosphere will surely engulf you. A premium horror movie that is definitely worth seeing and we just hope it’s not according to real events…
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