A Hidden Life: The true story of an ordinary man who refused to serve Hitler

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A Hidden Life is probably the most intense anti-war movie with an absolute deepening into the situation. A story based on real events about the silent anti-war activist Franz Jägerstätter (August Diehl), living an ordinary life with his family in the beautiful surroundings of the Austrian mountains. Franz, who refused his compulsory participation in World War II, because he cannot participate in the evil that is happening, does not want to be part of it because of his higher values. Being a good Catholic and Nazi at the same time does not go together, and so he begins a difficult struggle with loved ones and especially with his psyche. Of course, his refusal aroused strong and negative opinions not only in their village. After his repeated refusals, he is put in prison where he finds at least a small spark in the form of a nice friend. A very emotional and powerful story about Franz, who usually keeps his feelings trapped in him and waits for what happens to him. The director Terrence Malick, however, did not disappoint with his visual performance, he has once again bewitched with the camera and breathtaking natural scenery associated with soft music. So far probably the most original movie with a historical theme and a strong experience, which will leave you with a long time feeling of misunderstanding of this time and compassion for people living in it. We recommend A Hidden Life by all ten, but you must expect a bitter and cruel look at the life of man and his family devoted to God.
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