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Searching for Sugar Man: The incredible story of a famous musician who didn’t know it

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While his songs have been copied in the millions and inspired anti-apartheid fighters, he worked on construction sites at home. Searching for Sugar Man is a fascinating story about a talented artist about whom no one knew anything, but at the same time was famous. Sixto Rodriguez is a musician from the turn of the 60’s and 70’s, whose person was forgotten, but his two amazing albums, which could compete with The Rolling Stones alone, remained in the ears of fans. Sixto worked hard on construction sites in his city of Detroit and had no idea that people were talking about him and looking for the author of the music that motivated them. When you watch this perhaps the best musical documentary about a modest but talented soul, maybe a tear will press into your eyes. The story in this documentary will draw you in so that you will not know how 86 minutes will pass. Director Malik Bendjelloul even shot the last shots using an iPhone with the Vintage Camera app, because he had no money left to complete the project. The documentary won several awards, but mainly Rodríguez was found! Trailer below.
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