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MOVE: Smart Watch Inspired by 16th Century

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„Move is an hybrid between Smart watches and Pocket watches.“

When you imagine a watch from today and a watch from the 16th century, you will probably see more differences in them. Most smart watches look a bit boring and ordinary, but industrial designer Ayush Singh Patel has beautifully combined two different times into one amazing project called MOVE. MOVE is basically a smart watch, but it hides the charm of history, while you can switch it to a pocket watch and you get a great addition to an elegant outfit with current technological possibilities. The pocket watch has an engraved cover with which the designer wanted to restore the classic style, which he did incredibly well!
Wristwatches represent style, simplicity and, most importantly, functionality. The designer has chosen stylish multi-colored double-sided belts, which can be swapped by turning the hinge 360 ° without any replacement of the straps. Perfect isn’t it? Take a look at the watches below that will survive with you every day, whether you need them for sports, work or something more charming.

Design: Ayush Singh Patel

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