Annihilation: A scientific expedition to a place where an unknown force bends reality

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Psychological sci-fi that draws you into the mysterious atmosphere of a place on Earth where an inexplicable phenomenon in the form of a translucent energy dome has appeared. Lena (Natalie Portman) is a biologist and her husband has returned from a military mission, but when he returns, something happens that forces Lena as a scientist to enter a military mission to explore the same unknown place from which her husband returned. The team of soldiers enters the area surrounded by a translucent rainbow layer and experiences inexplicable anomalies, where, for example, completely new species of plants and animals appear, which is scary. The tangled story with a captivating screenplay will leave you with various questions that will drill in your head for a long time after watching the movie. The atmosphere is in constant tension and the world under the bubble is unpredictable, as the group finds out what the unknown force is causing, and experiences a real fear that can be felt from the mood in which the movie is tuned. We won’t go into details, but it’s definitely worth finding out if Lena managed to find what she was looking for, or just immerse herself in an audio visual experience with a huge idea and an amazing soundtrack. Director and screenwriter Alex Garland created again a movie worth watching. Trailer, soundtrack and other links below!
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