Lucy in the Sky: psychological art drama about the victories and fall of a NASA astronaut

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A psychological drama about astronaut Lisa Nowak (in the film called Lucy Cola), where in the story we get to the themes of mental health. The story is partly inspired by real events where work and love literally become an obsession. Lucy returns home from the mission and plans to return to normal life, which she is not doing very well as she still has before her eyes a mysterious universe in which she has spent several days. The main heroine, played by Natalie Portman, is still between reality and dreamy illusions and even hallucinations, so she finds an escape with her colleague, whom she falls hopelessly in love with. However, he does not return her feelings much, which Lucy certainly does not suit very well in her mental state. Those who know the story from the media probably know how it will end, but others who do not, we recommend you take a look behind the scenes of NASA astronauts, but do not expect any sci-fi adventure. Noah Hawly has chosen a slower pace with more elaborate dialogues, which will make you think about what was going on in Lucy’s head and how easy it is to get into the darkest alleys of the mind. The film is accompanied by a calm but deep soundtrack that will draw you into the situation even more. Trailer below!
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