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Family Villa by Raulino Silva is Reflection of Purist Perfection

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Irregular shapes, modernist style and simple architecture, this is the beautiful family villa Argivai House by Raulino Silva, which builds the freshest houses in Portugal. Argivai House stands on a narrow plot of land in the Portuguese part of Argivai and basically consists of two superimposed volumes that have an uneven shape but perfectly follow each other. „The lot has an irregularly shape, is very narrow next to the street, and allows the construction of two floors, without providing any annex or basement.“

Significantly white facade blends gently with the hidden doors, which seem to be invisible. „Outside of the house, the facade, the walls and the gates are all white, to better define the shade.“ The lower part or the ground-floor rectangular volume contains a kitchen part on one side of the room and the other side is a bright living room with an exit to the private terrace. The architects absolutely brightened the house with natural light using huge panoramic windows at both ends of the building. A straight staircase connects the lower part with the first floor where there are rest areas, three bedrooms with a bathroom and views of the outer street. The interior is a reflection of minimalist perfection where cream colors, delicate decorations and soft materials appear inconspicuously on the surface of this purist space.

Building area: 315 m2. Location: Argivai, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal. Architecture: Raulino Silva Architect. Photographs: João Morgado.

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