A Dark Song: An atmospheric occult expedition to another world

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In a difficult life situation, desperate Sophia (Catherine Walker) cannot accept her son’s death and asks a slightly arrogant alcoholic Joseph (Steve Oram) for help with a ritual, to help her meet her little son again. A Dark Song is a mystical movie where director Liam Gavin brings us to the world of black magic and occultism, that most of us don’t know. Sophia and Joseph lock into the rented house with anticipation, they don’t know for how long and embark on a strict ritual where they must adhere to absurd rules. Repeating a prayers and mantras, strict diet or abstention from sexual life, which in the end may not be successful at all. Their mental and physical state is beginning to be under big pressure and it seems that the ritual does not work at all until the strange events and sounds from the dark world begin to happen. Alternating moods with depressing scenes and an thrilling mysterious soundtrack give the movie an even greater atmosphere. Great performance by actors and slow pace with the question of whether Sophia will meet her son again, will force you to watch to the end with held breath. If you give this specific piece of work a chance, you will not regret it.
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