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Brazilian Apartment With Lots of Plants and Unique Design by Lez Arquitetura

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„The owners of the “Taquinho Apartment” love Brasilia“

An interior in which a mixture of different styles, colors, geometric elements and decorations meets. Apartment Apê Taquinho in a modern Brazilian city has been perfectly renovated for a new family. The reconstruction was designed to increase the space, while having to demolish the main wall to connect the living room with kitchen and dining room into a single space. The massive kitchen in dark blue is connected to a dining table for 12 people. „The granite countertop allows communication between rooms and meets the family’s dynamics.“ Next to the kitchen is a spacious cozy living room with a white stone wall where paler tones and a million different decorations predominate. „We prioritized artisanal and natural materials, creating a cozy “house” atmosphere inside an apartment.” The most amazing is probably the children’s room with adrenaline attractions in cute miniature versions where children come to their senses.
Modern materials in pastel colors, ethno decorations, industrial lamps above the kitchen unit, geometric shapes in the bathroom and many other elements that complete the most pleasant atmosphere of the apartment.

Area: 116m²
Location: Asa Sul, Brasília – DF
Design: Lez Arquitetura
Photography: Júlia Tótoli

Vacation House by Tharik Mohammed

Vacation forest house

Tharik Mohammed is a designer who specializes in 3D interior visualization. Comes from India, but currently lives in Hamburg, Germany. This design will surely appeal

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