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Casco Loft: Industrial Apartment with Different Levels and Spatial Experience by FABRICations

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This Amsterdam loft by the architectural studio FABRICations, designed for a young family, focuses on the interior experience of common areas. The three-storey apartment with a number of flexible rooms allows the family to spend as much time together as possible without the need to enclose the individual spaces. The top floor is intended for rest areas, which the architects called “suspended boxes”. „Enclosed spaces, like the bedrooms, are minimized and strategically placed to ensure visual and physical proximity to common spaces.“
Plenty of light into this interior in an industrial style is brought by massive windows that are mounted almost the entire side of the building. The kitchen area and living room are situated as if under the “suspended boxes”, ie on the second floor. „The shell (in Dutch “Casco”) is treated as an open space, where suspended boxes are fitted in.“ The dining room is located above the lowest corridor, separated by five steps to the kitchen on the second floor. „Each space has its own characteristic visual identity, relying on a wide range of colors, textures, and materials.“ Raw concrete is the main component of the façade, it looks a bit cooler but the mixture of metal, wood, various textures and vivid colors give the Loft a homely atmosphere.

Built Area: 155 sqm
Architecture: FABRICations
Photos: Jansje Klazinga

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