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Luxury house as an art object

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Skilful people from the studio linea architects have created a house with an unusual appearance, in which you will feel as if you are walking in a museum. The space is created more like an art object, but it has everything you need for comfortable living. Isn’t this a wonderful combination for lovers of modern design and architecture? But the goal of this house is to create an abstract impression and attract the attention of guests. This house consists of three parts, while they are placed on top of each other in a geometric shape. The underground part consists of larger rooms such as a wardrobe or cinema. The middle part is the connection of the living room with the kitchen, the facade of which is unfolded 10 degrees relative to the main volume, from where there is a fantastic view of the pool and panoramic surroundings. The upper part is the quiet or relaxing zone where there are more rooms with a library under a glass roof. The interior is absolutely minimalist with fresh colors and there are elements of modern art in the form of figures made of wires, in the true size of man, and many other elements that match this interior. Photos below!

Architecture: linea architects

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