Office of Barcelona Interior Studio Reveals Artistic Psyche

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Espai París is a magnificent project of the second office space of the Barcelona interior studio The Room Studio, which they designed themselves. „Located in the heart of the Eixample in Barcelona.”

These spaces are definitely not another type of monochrome workspace, but it is an inimitable reflection of creative designers. The historic building from 1920 thus underwent a complete reconstruction and got a new spirited look. „An old garage with more than 40 years of history has been the location choose.”

Upon entering, you would not even think that these are offices, the designers have created an artistic oasis with an exhibition of amazing paintings by Joana Santamans, furniture gems or spaces for social events. The entrance hall acquires the feeling of a forest refuge with a tree installed, a “small river” next to a brick wall against which huge portraits of animals are hung. This atypically stylish hall ruins all prejudices about ordinary corridors. „The ever-changing and adapting ground floor is a surprising area.“

The long room of the lower floor is finely divided into individual zones from the exhibition parts to small rest areas and with different designs. Throughout the extraordinary working studio we can see the combination of natural materials: water, plants and wood with austere urban materials: glass, iron and concrete, in a wonderful symbiosis of earthy colors where the old stands next to the modern. „The Room Studio decided to create a space with natural materials that could dialogue with the technological innovation that it establishes in all the projects and is conceived as the strength of the Studio.“

Along the brick wall and the library, a self-supporting wooden staircase leads to the first floor of the work area where designers can focus fully on their projects. Whether in a large space under an arched ceiling or in a separate glass room with an industrial style, all those beautiful interiors of the Barcelona studio are created here.

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