VOID: A Wall Speaker in an Extraordinary Design

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„This has been an incredible journey of designing, understanding, and self-exploring“. These are the words of the designers who created the beautiful-looking VOID speaker. His main idea is to offer not only auditory satisfaction but also an engaging experience that will draw you into the imaginary world of space almost like meditation. The intimacy and softness of the product should symbolize immersion in oneself through music and relaxation in the present moment. The round product in the form of a small window is controlled by a gentle sliding movement on the side wooden panel. Move your hand on the right side of the speaker to decrease or increase the volume, then on the left side, pause or resume playback in the same way, and at the bottom is touch on / off. The designers created a really special product with a personal idea and a perfect look. Photos and video are below! Designers: Andy Cheng, Claire Hsu, Elvis Hsu.

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