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Minimalist eco straw as a substitute for plastic

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Plastic straws are slowly but surely destroying our oceans and its marine animals, or seabirds, which die in large quantities every year as a result of swallowing pieces of plastic. The time for change is never too late, especially in nature conservation, and the Polish agency with talented people has created a fine design of ecological straw. It is made of straw sticks, which are dried and then glued to the shape of a straw to drink your favorite beverages in cold or hot form. We like it when design is done with a meaning of usability and especially if it has a beautiful idea. Everyone remembers when you, as a child, tore away straw and imagined drinking a tasty drink? So the straw from PG Brand Reforming is created according to this child idea. We know that we will not get rid of plastic straws simply, but at least try to respect our nature with such tiny steps. More information here!

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