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Lighting inspired by morning dew and drops

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Unconventional lighting by Yonoh Creative Studio, which in this project was inspired by soft dew and drops after spring rain. The perfect piece can be hung vertically or horizontally, and you can freely combine it according to your imagination. It consists of oval LED dots connected by aluminum pieces. Minimalist eye-catching light works perfectly in a minimalist space, whether in the entrance hall or living room. Photos below!

Design: Yonoh Creative Studio

Tape Light by Henge

Tape Light by Henge

We present to you an amazing design of a lamp that hides simplicity, elegance and reminds us of the beautifully spreading branches of a tree,

Headquarters by Denis Chigidin

Amazing meeting room with plants

Denis Chigidin is an artist, designer and photographer based in Barcelona, Spain and makes amazing visualizations. This visualization is a completely different style of the

Sound Sculpture by Arthur Kenzo

Capturing sound waves into physical form. Arthur Kenzo created an original and distinctive project of a miniature musical sculpture, whose task is to capture sound

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