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Stunning Henge Hill house by Bartosz Domiczek

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Henge Hill house by talented architect Bartosz Domiczek is the most unusual house we have ever seen. The visualization of this house is created from an old building where there was a farm with olive plantations. The house is in a circular shape with carved oval shapes, and its exterior looks like a building from the past with a modern undertone and a small courtyard in the lap of nature. Stone material with good energy efficiency and glass windows bringing daylight into the house, through which you can perceive the surrounding life on Earth. Not to forget the interior, which looks very pleasant, even royal, in bright colors with unusual elements and marble kitchen, that will immediately come into your eyes. The main roof has a pool area with a romantic panoramic view. The design of the house is absolutely specific and designed for the extraordinary soul that will live in it. See the photos in the gallery.

Architecture: Bartosz Domiczek

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