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Renovated and Sunlit Apartment in Porto by Costa Lima Arquitectos

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Campo Alegre is a minimalist apartment designed by Filipe da Costa Lima from Costa Lima Arquitectos. The imaginative dwelling exudes a fresh atmosphere surrounded by the sun’s rays in the Portuguese bridge town of Porto. It is hidden on the raised floor of an older building, with a wide view of the Portuguese streets through the window structure in each room. „The apartment is located on a collective housing building from the early 70s and oriented to the east, south and west, enjoying a remarkable sun exposure and a privileged view over the river.“

Reconstruction necessitated certain changes and more functional adaptation. In its original state, it was a five-room apartment, but after a major reconstruction, it was transformed into a three-room apartment with deep rooms and a more functional layout of rooms and necessary spaces. Everything was aligned with the client’s requirements. „Looking for a careful approach and reusing existing materials, the intervention improved the quality of the internal space and the comfort and energy efficiency of the apartment.“

The modification therefore consisted of creating a main suite with a built-in wardrobe, a different layout of the space and an enlargement of the kitchen room. The gray den has been transformed into a bright and stylish apartment with a subtle touch of a beige color scheme that works beautifully with the wooden core. The furniture in this project is as functional as possible and is more or less inconspicuously hidden in the walls so that the apartment itself becomes an important element.

Area: 181 m2
Architecture: Costa Lima Arquitectos
Photography: Ivo Tavares Studio

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