Cabin Son: Weekend House Made of Spruce Wood near Oslo

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The weekend cabin overlooking Jeløya Island, built by architect Jon Danielsen Aarhus, provides the young family with a slightly quieter retreat in the heart of Norwegian nature. The 70 meter square house is built on an uneven rocky surface, thanks to which it blended beautifully with its surroundings and became less visible. „The cabin is quite small, and it was a goal, architecturally, to make many different spaces and experiences within this limited area.“ The architecture itself is rectangular in shape, with relaxation zones pushed to the foreground while the common room is nestled to the back. A long narrow terrace connects the outer part of the building lined with dark spruce wood. „This particular type of outside cladding is called barn cladding (låvekledning) in Norway.“
The largest space belongs to the kitchen with dining room and a few steps below the owners will find a small living room. The three bedrooms are located next to each other in the mentioned part of the house pushed to the foreground, in a really minimalist style.
Photographs: Øystein Aspelund.


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