Sharing Moments from Waters and Coastlines Around the Globe by Javi Lorbada

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Adventurer and traveler Javi Lorbada left work as a software developer after six years and for more than eight months he went in search of freedom, new countries and cultures and, last but not least, new inspirations for incredible photographs. The Oceans series, bringing his memories closer, contains his best selected images of the oceans from an aerial perspective, showing the simple beauty of our Earth where there is still something in motion. They also depict the emerging beautiful lines of the bays and surfers on the waves. Travel at least like this thanks to the magnificent images created not only by our nature, but also by the skillful eye of the photographer. If you have blank walls at home and your interior needs a little natural presence, try filling it with Javi’s photos, which can be purchased here! Locations: Mangalore, India / Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand / Great Barrier Reef, Australia / Mu Ko Surin, Thailand / Sydney Coastline, Australia / Whitsundays Island, Australia.

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