One of Holiest India’s River in Photos

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Sankar Sridhar, a writer and lover of wild travel and photographing of his country, shared with us his magical series of the Yamuna River with the endless euphoria of flying birds and the magical feeling of winter mist of this place. The series reminds us of two opposites: life and death. Two because, on the one hand, people consider this river to be one of the holiest in India, which according to legend is the provider of immortality, and on the other hand, there is great pollution of this river due to deforestation caused by agriculture, chemical burning and huge population density. You may think that such places are not worth attention, but a good eye of the photographer will also create from a polluted environment a work of art with great shots, great exposure and a million authentic early dawn colors reminiscent of oil painting.

„This series is an ode to surreality of the river. It is an attempt to capture the mundanity of the everyday in stark contrast to the poetry the winged visitors etch in their flight paths“
Sankar Sridhar

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