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Renovated Building in Lisbon Exudes History and Modernity by Rebelo de Andrade

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The Portuguese Misericórdia 137 accommodation building with elegant apartments, renovated by the architectural studio Rebelo de Andrade, tells two stories of this charming place near Lisbon’s Bairro Alto district. The first story focuses on the main façade, which has been partially renovated, preserving historical elements with dominant retro tiles and a sophisticated style. The second story is told by the rear façade, where a major reconstruction has already been carried out, such as replacing the casement windows with French ones or painting with pastel blue on the entire back, where guests enjoy a sunny view of the alleys. The common interior of the building radiates a charming vintage style, while the apartments are harmonized with a more modern touch, but still retain a kind of Portuguese flair!

Area: 1795 m2
Design: Rebelo de Andrade
Photography: FG + SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura

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