Abandoned Palace Renovated into Stylish Hotel Santiago with Touch of Lisbon History

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Alfama is a typical medieval quarter where architecturally old-fashioned buildings alternate in narrow streets and one of them was renovated into the Hotel Santiago. The 5-star hotel is a typical example where the history of the city alternates with contemporary modern design under one roof in an infinitely stylish restaurant with accommodation. „The respect adhered to when building the hotel is clearly visible, both in the preservation of the labyrinthine structure as in the careful conservation of the archaeological features encountered, harmonising the leading idea of a functional, contemporary hotel with the city’s historic legacy.“
From the outside, it looks like a slightly ordinary building, but inside, guests will experience a unique atmosphere and a touch of history through architectural elements such as Gothic arches, Roman columns and many other elements. A intricate labyrinth – this is how the architects summed up the interior part where it is easy to get lost and also wanted to incorporate the idea of a “functional, contemporary hotel with the city’s historic legacy”. The interior of 19 rooms and suites itself is in pure white colors with a bit of rustic style and modernity, from where you can get lost in the “alleys” of the hotel and enjoy the feeling of Lisbon history under one roof. Book here!
Area: 2387 m2. Architecture: Rebelo de Andrade (LuÍs Rebelo de Andrade, Pedro Baptista Dias, Madalena Rebelo de Andrade, Raquel Jorge). Photography: João Morgado – Fotografia de Arquitectura.

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