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Minimalist Nest fitting into its Surroundings

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ORMA Architettura presents a project called Casa R, which perfectly captures a minimalist house designed for an artist, in an absolutely simple and aesthetic direction. It is located at the end of the village of Sotta in Corsica, which is known for its white cliffs and the surrounding stony geography. The private house has minimal impact on the surrounding vegetation as it is made of sanded concrete that fits perfectly into its environment. The architects defined it as a simple volume of a concrete house that uses its space vertically. The interior is also in a minimal nature, on the ground floor there is a small kitchen with living room and on the first floor, where you get up the gentle stairs, you will find a relaxation area with bathroom and windows set at different heights. Photos below!

Architecture: ORMA Architettura

Social Decay by Andrei Lacatusu

Ruined life of social media

Andrei Lacatusu is a digital artist from Romania, specialized in 3D visualizations. He called this series a Social delay. Great idea how the logos of

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